Lazy Susans, Trays, Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are of maple and cherry, and use a design that I've wanted to make for a year. I got the idea from a how-to for small boxes by Lon Kelley. Band Saw Boxes The boards are finished with a mixture of mineral oil and paraffin, applied hot to heated wood.

My wife liked the bandsawed cutting boards so much that she asked me to make a serving tray of maple and walnut. Since you get two things when you make this cutting design, I made a larger cutting board also.

I made a lazy susan for our picnic table, where we eat supper in the summer. I used the same bandsawed cutting technique I used for the cutting boards, only much more complex. Since this is the third time I've used this bandsaw technique I should have it down pat, right? Wrong. This additional complication and my not paying attention to some critical variables (keeping the glue-ups flat and level so that they stack perfectly; you would think that by now I should know to keep the edges lined up, but nooooo) means that there are some flaws filled with wood filler. You can't see it in the photograph, but they remind me that I've only been doing this for a few years and have a LOT to learn.

Here is a small lazy susan (about 9") that I made for my daughter to hold napkins, salt and pepper on the dining room table. Its made from mahogany.

I made another one for my own dining table, a bit more elaborate. Its made of walnut with sycamore inlay.

I then made one with a rim to prevent things from sliding off when it is moved. Its made of walnut with maple inlay.

Here are a couple of lazy susans I made for Italian friends whose initials are inlaid in sycamore in the walnut base. They are meant to be used on the dining room table. The SS friends are photographers who work in a coffee shop. The RC friend makes wine.

Here is a lazy susan I made for friends. The couple's initials are E and J, and their surname begins with G.

I made a serving tray of mahogany inlaid with maple.

Here is a lazy susan I made for friends. The couple's initials are E and J, and their surname begins with G.

I came across a 3-D design for a cutting board, on this web site : 3-D cutting boards, made by a young Dutch guy named Thomas Anton Geurts at TAG Woodworking. I made a few out of walnut, cherry and maple.

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